Why hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day?

With wedding season just around the corner, now is the time where many brides are thinking about hiring a professional make up artist for their wedding day.

Makeup Artist Sonia Ryan

I’m sure that ever since he has proposed to you, you have been glowing with love and excitement for your wedding day.
I know some of you have been planning your wedding even before he proposed, LOL! I’ve seen your pins on Pinterest.
You’ve taken the time to plan every detail of your wedding day from your gorgeous gown to flowers to tablescape’s to hiring the most fabulous photographer to capture every detail and special moment of your wedding.
As the bride, I know you want to book absolutely stunning on your wedding day. Hiring the right beauty team Will guarantee your gorgeousness!
Here’s a few key points to keep in mind as to why hiring and make up artist for your wedding day is a decision that you will not regret.

1.  Picture Perfect

Bridal Makeup by Sonia Ryan
Your every day make up is very different from photography makeup. A professional makeup artist will know which products to use and how to apply them perfectly in order for you to look radiant in all of your pictures.
My goal has always been to create a beautiful flawless face that will look amazing  in person as well as in each of your pictures which in turn will diminish the use of Photoshop that will be needed. Trust me, your photographer will be happy to hear this!

2.  Pro Products

Professional products that have been formulated for film and photography will not only last for hours but they also tend to be highly pigmented. This results in using less product and your makeup will not look cakey. Less is more!
A makeup artist should also have a comprehensive makeup kit that can accommodate your entire bridal party’s skin tones and needs.
Bride and Bridesmaids Makeup- Sonia Ryan Makeup Artist
Your wedding day will be full of emotion, by applying the correct products you will not have to worry about your make up staying in place all day long.

3. Pro Tools  Airbrushing Technique- Sonia Ryan makeup artist- Wedding Makeup


Airbrushing, professional brushes, false lashes and professional application techniques will all influence the outcome of your look.
I’m sure you might be a little nervous and on your wedding day and it’s probably not the best time to test your skills on applying false eyelashes or perfecting your liquid eyeliner.

4. Knowledge and Experience

Beautiful Bridal Makeup- Sonia Ryan Makeup Artist
A professional makeup artist will focus on enhancing your best features and will have the knowledge to do so.
My philosophy has always been To use my makeup skills and talent to enhance your natural beauty. I want you to look so stunningly radiant that your groom will be blown away by your beauty. He will feel like he is the luckiest man in the world by having you at his side, because he is!

5. Stay Calm and Carry On 

Everyone knows that your wedding day filled with excitement and sometimes there maybe a few issues that may arise.
I have always felt that one of my roles  was to be the calm within the storm. I can’t tell you how many times I have helped soothe my bride’s nerves and helped her relax. Just ask my bride Steph C (featured in the above photo)
One of my roles during your wedding day is to make sure that we stay on schedule in order for you to walk down the aisle on time. Regardless of any scheduling issues that may have arisen  during that morning.

6. Beauty at Your Door

Having your mobile beauty team come to you on your wedding day Allows you to relax and enjoy one of the most busiest and special days of your life. All you need is to wake up and have your beauty team pamper you and get you gorgeous on the morning of your wedding day.

7. Preview your Look

For each of my brides I always insist that they schedule a wedding makeup consultation prior to their wedding day. This not only gives me a chance to get to know my bride but we also discuss details about her wedding day and her schedule. Then together we create her beautiful wedding day makeup look.
Here’s a few of my previous brides and the looks we created. Please keep in mind that I am not a photographer and these images have not been retouched.
Makeup Trials for Bride, Mother of the Bride and Mother in Law- Sonia Ryan
Happy planning Bride- to-Be!