Skin Consultation

Get your glow on with Sonia’s professional makeup and skin consultations

Each and every one of us is truly unique. That’s why we each have special needs when it comes to our skin as well. Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin—the unique structure of our skin type requires equally custom makeup application. Learning more about your skin type, the products you should be using, the vitamins and nutrients your lacking, and your skin sensitivities will enhance the features you love—and downplay others that you don’t want to draw extra attention to.

Booking a professional makeup and skin consultation with Sonia will leave you educated on how to achieve a flawless look. Sonia starts by addressing what your skin needs to be the perfect, flawless canvas for your makeup. Contact Sonia about a custom skin consultation today!

Sonia will teach you the most guarded industry secrets:
  • Find out how the Hollywood secrets and tips from the pros
  • Learn how to create a beautiful face for your next special occasion
  • Quick and easy techniques for a fresh and natural face for daytime
  • An exceptional and dramatic look for a fun night out on the town

“Sonia offers everything from image consulting to personalized on-site make-up for bridal parties…” ~ The Wedding Ring