Image Styling

Sonia doesn’t dare stop at her impressive lineup of makeup services! She also offers a complimentary and complete overhaul of your wardrobe and hair as well. So get ready for Sonia’s fun and encouraging advice. She’ll kick your fashion image up a notch—so you present a confident, beautiful, and assertive new you—and attract everything you want out of life!

Personal style & wardrobe analysis

Need to get rid of the skeletons in your closet? Cleaning the cobwebs out has never been this fun! Sonia can assist in updating those scary wardrobe choices from years past. The purpose of image consulting is to reassess your goals and use your clothing to reflect the new path your life is taking. At each fashion crossroad and speed bump, Sonia will apply her litmus test for style success by asking, “Does wearing this make you feel fabulous?” If you say no—it’s got to go!”

A personal style and wardrobe analysis with Sonia will cover the following areas:

  • Determine what clothing most flatters your body type
  • Discover new ways of wearing clothing you already love
  • Build a complete wardrobe by starting with the basics
  • Find out which fabrics and colors you should be wearing in your industry
  • Learn how to have fun and experiment with clothes

What 2 wear out there

It’s a jungle out there, and if you’re just getting back into the swing of things—whether it be after an extended break from the workforce or the dating game—you need to know how to put the best foot forward. Regardless of if you’re looking for respect in the workplace or to add some sizzle to your love life; no one will love and respect you more than you love and respect yourself. So it’s important to invest the time in a personal appearance that says, “I deserve and expect the very best!”

SASSational shopping strategies

Shopping is usually one of two things—easy or downright painful. If your shopping trips are torture than it’s time to get assistance from your shopping BFF: Sonia! By eliminating the confusion, discouragement and doubt associated with shopping, she will help you navigate any confusion around:

  • How to know when clothing is or needs proper tailoring
  • Selecting sensible fabrics
  • Choosing the right shapes and sizes for your body type
  • What pieces will give you the most seasonal longevity and bang for your buck

Shopping should be a fun experience, and with Sonia, it certainly is! Let her act as your personal style guide as she guides you through your most fun and most productive shopping trip yet! Once Sonia shows you how to shop successfully for your body and lifestyle, you’ll never run screaming from a mall again—and you’ll always look and feel as sensational as you are!

Color Analysis

Everyone has a palate of colors that instantly infuse life into their skin. Sonia’s series of tried and true color tests will determine which tones in the color spectrum bring out the best in you. Each analysis considers your:

  • Skin tone
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Do warm or cool tones suit you best?

After a professional color analysis, you’ll be able to take apply flattering colors to your face as well as the fabrics you wear on your body. Get ready for the compliments! The effects of wearing your true colors will make a dramatic difference. You will glow and it will take years of your appearance!

*Click here to read about Sonia’s motivational speaking workshops for professionals—a great complimentary service to professional image styling.

“Entering into my thirties, I realized that it was imperative that my image matched my professional career. It was time to leave my twenties behind! I found going into beauty departments confusing, with all of the choices and unsure which product worked best and which colors would look best. Often, I found sales people misinformed and unhelpful.  Sonia’s training and experience as well as her professionalism and her fabulous spirit made my makeup consultation and wardrobe makeover exceptionally fun and no-nonsense. Thank you Sonia!” ~ Heather Kocsis, Professional Artist


Skin Consultation

Get your glow on with Sonia’s professional makeup and skin consultations

Each and every one of us is truly unique. That’s why we each have special needs when it comes to our skin as well. Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin and sensitive skin—the unique structure of our skin type requires equally custom makeup application. Learning more about your skin type, the products you should be using, the vitamins and nutrients your lacking, and your skin sensitivities will enhance the features you love—and downplay others that you don’t want to draw extra attention to.

Booking a professional makeup and skin consultation with Sonia will leave you educated on how to achieve a flawless look. Sonia starts by addressing what your skin needs to be the perfect, flawless canvas for your makeup. Contact Sonia about a custom skin consultation today!

Sonia will teach you the most guarded industry secrets:
  • Find out how the Hollywood secrets and tips from the pros
  • Learn how to create a beautiful face for your next special occasion
  • Quick and easy techniques for a fresh and natural face for daytime
  • An exceptional and dramatic look for a fun night out on the town

“Sonia offers everything from image consulting to personalized on-site make-up for bridal parties…” ~ The Wedding Ring


Girl’s Night Out

All the beautiful ladies in the house—say ya ya!

Every girl likes a night of support and encouragement from her BFFs. Amd you bet Sonia will fit right in with her “you go girl” attitude and her passion for making women feel empowered, confident and beautiful. Your girls will instantly love Sonia’s warm and friendly personality. She’s the perfect girlfriend. That’s why Sonia created the Girls’ Night Out!

So get your BFF’s together and give Sonia a ring! She will add to your Girls’ Night Out with her tips and tricks for stunning, flawless skin as she shares her secrets for beautifully applied makeup to help you achieve your signature glamorous look!

After spending a session with Sonia and your favorite girlfriends in the comfort of your own home, you’ll not only be glowing on the outside; you’ll carry yourself with confidence from within!

A night with Sonia is truly life altering. It’s the perfect bonding experience with your bridal party, a fun bachelorette or birthday party, or just any reason to get together with your favorite ladies. Contact Sonia for more information on how to set up your Girls’ Night Out party.

“Sonia Ryan—my new best friend. With her magic wand she made me feel like a queen on my wedding day…”

Contact Sonia to learn more about her professional image styling services.