Motivational Speaking Workshops

Sonia takes her beauty advice on the road

Sonia Ryan’s mission to add va-va-voom to every woman’s appearance has inspired her to share her empowering messages with the masses. For Sonia, feeling your very best in every way is the key to personal success. That’s why she offers a series of workshops and motivational speaking opportunities that focus specifically on how to achieve integrate and present a beautiful images—inside and out.

Sonia customizes each speaking presentation and corporate workshop in order to make the greatest impact on your group—school, corporate or professional.

Workshops for schools

Teaching the importance of recognizing beauty—inside and out—starts at a young age. Sonia knows how important the confidence of elementary and high school students is to their future success. That’s why she shares her fun and fearless techniques with youth to help them recognize inner beauty, as well as the outer beauty in each individual.

Workshops for corporate professionals

For business professionals currently in the workplace, Sonia’s focus is enhancing self-esteem and business image. Her philosophy—when employees feel better about themselves, productivity and morale improve drastically—is tried and true. For employees either re-entering the workplace or new to the workplace, Sonia imparts her wisdom on how to make a positive and lasting impression to and create your best professional path. Example topics for both schools and business professionals include:

  1. Positive First Impressions
  2. Straight Up Style

*To book Sonia for a speaking engagement, please contact her directly. Some of Sonia’s motivational and speaking clients include:

  • WPIC (Wedding Planners Institute of Canada)
  • Trios College
  • Stantec
  • GRCI
  • Many more…

*Click here for more information on Sonia’s complimentary services, such as Goddess on the Go and one-on-one image styling consultations.

“We have referred Sonia’s services to the WPIC alumni and clients. She speaks to the students about what to do to bring out the inner beauty, as well as the outer beauty in each person, regardless of size, age. Sonia spoke to our attendees from across Canada about how to dress for success, what color palettes to use, and what clothing to wear to accentuate personal style. We have always respected the way Sonia treats the coordinators and clients with utmost professionalism and enthusiasm. WPIC whole-heartedly recommends Sonia Ryan as a professional in the industry and we look forward to many more years of business with her.” ~ Tracey Manaliescu, Co-Founder/Instructor of WPIC