Goddess On The Go

Save time, look SASSATIONAL!

Saving time is very important for the contemporary woman with a mountain of responsibilities. But using your busy lifestyle as an excuse for not looking your best is nonsense!

Sonia recognizes how vital it is for women to maintain a daily beauty and makeup regimen—without it taking up too much time. Sonia’s easy makeup techniques are designed to take 5 to 10 minutes max! Sounds complicated, but fear not, Sonia is here to help you look like the goddess you are, with lots of time leftover for all the important tasks in your day.

Sonia’s goddess on the go makeup services include:

Skin consultation – Every woman’s skin is different, and what works for your best girlfriend won’t always work for you. Also, as we age, our skin changes and the products you used when you were younger might not be as effective anymore. Sonia custom tailors her makeup sessions to flatter and enhance your skin. It’s all about you! Click here to book a custom skin consultation with Sonia.