Complexion Perfection

Hi Everyone!

You really loved my last post about my Makeup Bag Must Haves. I’ve gotten a ton of emails asking for more tips. So, it’s only fair that I start with sharing with you my tips for a flawless, healthy complexion.

I’ve often been told that I look younger then my actual age and normally I dismiss it and move on. But this summer when I went to Chicago and met Celebrity Makeup Artist James Ryder and he thought I was 8 years younger, I had to stop and think.. hmmm, maybe, just maybe these complements were actually true..LOL!

Sonia Ryan- Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and GTA Makeup Artist

Wanna know my secret weapons??? Ready?? Really ready??

Here goes…………it’s Mary Kay!!! OMG, when I first heard about the Mary Kay Skin Care line 8 years ago, my first reaction was “EWWWW” those products are for old ladies!!! Not for hip twenty year olds. Yikes, was I ever wrong! My skin has never looked better!!!!

My GF Lorelei hosted a Mary Kay Skin Care Class (which btw, she made me come!! lol) I had never tried MK products and was not expecting to like them. But seriously, from the moment I felt how amazing my skin felt after just one application and how amazing my skin looked, I was HOOKED!!!

So, here we are 8 years later and I’m still in love!

If you want your makeup to look amazing, fresh and glowy. You need to start with a great skin care routine. Here’s what I use everyday and why I love it!!

Best Cleanser

TimeWise® 3-in-1 Cleanser

I love that this cleanser comes in 2 formulas: Normal/Dry and Combination/Oily. My skin changes with the seasons, so during the summer I switch my formula to Combo/Oily and in the Winter I use Normal/Dry.

This cleanser is unique because it cleanses, exfoliates and freshens in one step. So easy!!! No excuses!! It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

Best Moisturizer

TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer

This formula is Oil-free and emollient-rich. It reduces the appearance of fine lines for younger-looking skin. I love that it’s light weight, non greasy , nutrient rich and fragrance free! You only need a tiny sized amount of moisturizer for your entire face and neck, Love it!!! I can’t go a day with out it!

Best Wrinkle Fighter

TimeWise® Day/Night Solutions Set

These 2 little powerhouses are jam packed with age fighting agents and  botanicals to support the skin’s increased need for energy during the day and protects  your skin with SPF. The night solution contains a highly effective blend of vitamin derivatives. Now you’re totally covered Day and Night!

Best Eye Cream

TimeWise® Firming Eye Cream

I apply it both in the am and before I go to bed at night. The Firming Eye Cream firms, brightens, provides intense moisturization, plus minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. It’s silky, rich and totally amazing! I have even made my hubby use it!!!

Now you now my secrets to looking younger!

Hope you enjoyed!