Beauty Tips- Cold Sore Coverup

Cold sores… UGH. For those of you who have never had a cold sore, let me tell you how lucky you are. It’s one of those embarrassing ailments, where you are so self conscious that you don’t even want to leave your house.

I’ve suffered from cold sores since childhood and now as an adult it rarely happens. The last cold sore was actually triggered by stress and the time before that it was caused by a very bad sun burn.

Here’s a few signs that you may be getting a cold sore:

  • Small, painful blisters filled with fluid around the lips or edge of the mouth
  • Tingling or burning around the mouth or nose, often a few days before blisters appear
  • Fever
    As soon as I feel the tingle, I will take my prescription of  Valacyclovir (Valtrex), which miraculously stops the cold sore in its tracks. I’ve never found  any of the topical treatments effective.
    If however I don’t have my medication available then here’s how I cover up my cold sore.

    Cold Sore Coverup

    1. Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch 

    Gently press the patch with a finger to firmly place over the cold sore.

    2. Apply a tiny amount of  concealer onto the patch and the surrounding area.

    3. Apply a lip gloss with a disposable applicator so as not to contaminate your lip gloss.

    Lip Gloss or Lip stick will help to hide the patch, which will make the cold sore appear to disappear.