3 Tips to Creating a Confident You

What does TRUE Confidence really look like?

When you look into the mirror, is the person looking back at you truly confident?

Sonia Ryan Creating Confidence- Coaching

How does your level of confidence affect your life?

Definition of Confidence:

1. having a strong belief or full assurance.

2. sure of oneself: having no uncertainty about one’s own abilities, correctness and successfulness

3. excessively bold.

Without CONFIDENCE do you think it’s possible to have everything in life that you want: Love, Wealth, Health & Success?

Are you afraid of being confident and claiming your unique talents because you are worried about how others will perceive and judge you based on your level of confidence?

If you are afraid, it’s time that you give your head a shake and stop holding yourself back by dimming your light of awesomeness! Seriously!

What are you doing? Keeping yourself from reaching your full potential, minimizing your greatness, withholding your talents and gifts from those who need it most. I want you to ask yourself: “how different would my life be today if only I had the confidence to fully embrace my unique brilliance?”

Ouch, hard question, I know! But, as painful as the answers may be, at the same time it’s totally exciting that you now know that you want more and deserve more from your life and guess what? That’s the first step to creating a more confident you!

STEP 1. Own the fact that you want MORE!

What do you need to claim today to create a confident you? What do you REALLY, REALLY, REeeeeeALLY want?

Make a list of everything that you want. Is it more money, a better job, a more loving relationship with your spouse, to be debt free, drive your dream car, build your dream home, travel the world, start a charitable foundation? List EVERYTHING!!

Once you’ve created your list, tell me how excited you are? Don’t lie, you are pretty pumped right now aren’t you?

Amazing isn’t it?

Step 2. Take a Personal Inventory

What are your unique talents and gifts? Yes, I want you  to BRAG about yourself, oh yeah! That’s right! Tell me right now, what makes you so utterly amazing?

Don’t be shy and do NOT apologize for your talents and gifts.

The act of simply declaring your talents and gifts instantly creates more confidence. Try it! I can promise you that you will feel more confident and empowered once you claim what you are really good at. Don’t leave anything out, if you are amazing at organizing your closets, write that down. If you have the talent of staying calm in stressful situations, you never forget someones name after first meeting them, you love preparing healthy tasty meals for your family… write it down and claim your talents.

Step 3. Get Real With Yourself

Take full personal accountability for where you are today!

I wasn’t living my dream life and until I took charge of what I wanted, deserved and desired and got “REALLY REAL” with why and how I allowed myself to feel that I didn’t deserve more. My level of confidence was at an all time low until I made the changes and increased my confidence which increased my deserve level.

You become what you believe. So, if you believe you shouldn’t have more, you won’t. This state of being creates the outcome of your future.

I am where I am, because I believed that this is where I should be. Hmmmmm…. Where do you believe that you should be?

Having clarity on how you arrived to where you are today and now knowing what you want and desire is the essential key to manifesting confidence, joy, love and abundance into your life.

Build your confidence by having the clarity of knowing that you want more, using your talents and gifts to getting more of what you want and believe that you have the power to create the most amazing life for yourself!